2020 Power On

"We all deserve the opportunity to achieve our dreams and to have someone who believes in us."

- Halek, New Futures Alumna

Fueling powerful
dreams that lead to
rewarding careers


At New Futures, we believe in the powerful dreams of our Scholars.

We invest in their bright futures through a deliberate combination of scholarships, academic and career advising, opportunities to build networks and skills, and a lot of heart – all through the lens of community college as a launching point to rewarding and in-demand careers.

While we cannot gather this year for our annual New Futures Bright Futures Benefit, we remain committed to building our coalition and raising the funds our Scholars need to pursue their bright futures and powerful dreams. Join us instead for Power On, the Campaign for New Futures, a wholly new way of standing with our community.

Power On is not a moment,
it’s a movement.

Be with New Futures throughout the month of September for our first-ever interactive storytelling and fundraising campaign.

We will build our coalition, reach new goals, and share the mic with our Scholars as they raise their voices as powerful agents of change and impact in our uncertain, yet hopeful times.

Party with Purpose

We gathered virtually on Wednesday, September 30th for our Party with Purpose: a virtual celebration of the Power On campaign and of the bright futures we are forging together.


Virtual, yes. Party for one? Not necessarily!

Invite your friends over for a socially distanced watch party on September 30 or whenever you choose to stream the Party with Purpose, or encourage them to tune in from home, as well!

Grab your Power On Party Pack!

Support the Power On campaign by September 16 and we will deliver or mail the goodies you need to celebrate with us on September 30. From Scholars’ recipes to the New Futures Family Spotify playlist, we’ll make sure your Party with Purpose is safe and fun!

Sharing the Mic

Hear from us, the Scholar and Alumni community, on what fuels and propels us in our pursuit of our bright futures. Watch your inbox for video essays and personal statements.

“What keeps me going is my desire to break a chain of poverty.”

Power Hour Town Hall: Community Conversation on Race and Equity

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. I want to be a role model for those like me who believe in the power of education.”

Power Hour Town Hall: The Future of Work

“In late 2020, I will become the first person in my family to have a college degree.”

Power Hour Town Hall - Emerging Leaders and Young Professionals

“I’m working hard to be the best version of myself to one day inspire others to be the best version of themselves.”

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    Instagram Takeovers!

    Hear from our Scholars and Alumni on Instagram every Wednesday in September on how they are powering on with purpose.



    My Purpose, My Power

    “I know I’ll be a great leader. I want to lead by my own example and influence the younger generation to explore science to create a better and healthier tomorrow for all people.”

    -Martha, New Futures Scholar pursuing Health Sciences

    Thank you, Power On Donors!

    Diamond Donors: $15,000+

    Susan Krause Bell and Robert Bell

    Building Hope

    Michael Kershow and Marianne Keler

    Erna and Michael Kerst

    V&S Foundation

    Emily and Frank Vogl

    Platinum Donors: $10,000+

    Marshfield Associates

    Nonna Noto

    Emily and Antoine van Agtmael


    Gold Donors: $5,000+

    Katherine and David Bradley

    Andrew and Robyn Brown

    Mary Challinor

    Cynthia Dyballa and Steven Nadel

    Anne and Gus Edwards

    Meg and John Hauge

    Elizabeth Haile Hayes and David Hayes

    Barbara Kafka and Samir el Daher

    Anne and David Kendall

    Romana Li and Bruce Bartels

    Jonathan D. Mathis, Ph.D.

    Ronie Nieva

    Patience and Daniel Peabody

    Kim Vinick

    Heather Wathington, Ph.D.

    Silver Donors: $1,000+

    Anonymous (2)

    Susan and Dixon Butler

    Brian Coulter

    Davis Construction


    Jessica and Robert Einhorn

    Diana and Ray Foote

    Forrester Construction

    Julie Anne Green and William Murray

    Ricki Tigert Helfer and Michael Helfer

    Marian and Stuart Lemle

    Jan Leno and Peter Harrold

    David and Nancy Lesser

    Kaleen E. Love, Ph.D.

    Maria Montanez

    Mary Frances Pearson

    Carla Peterson, David Rosenbloom, and Sarah Rosenbloom

    Susan and Robert Post

    Ilene and Steve Rosenthal

    Barbara and Charles Rossotti

    Eluned and Julian Schweitzer

    Kathryn and Robert Stewart

    Christie-Anne and Jeff Weiss

    Beatrice Welters

    Power On Donors

    Anonymous (4)

    Suzanne and Chris Armstrong

    Elizabeth and Phil Ash

    Karen Becker

    Jiann Becks

    Linda Butler

    Elizabeth Chang

    Christopher Clarke

    Christina Connor

    Barbara Davis

    Carlisle Davis, Jr.

    Jane DeMouy

    Emily Draper

    The Emodi Family

    Brian Ennis

    Jon Ettinger and Kate Vlach

    Aaron Friesenborg

    Molly Friesenborg and Nic Subtirelu

    Dee and Terry Friesenborg

    Brian Gavron

    Ellie Geraghty

    Rosalyn Gonzalez

    Kendra Grinnage

    Kerri Grinnage

    Kyle Grinnage

    Wallace Gundy

    Sarah Haas

    Mary and Robert Haft

    Danielle Hamberger

    Benjamin Haynes

    Furman Haynes

    Jeff Haynes

    Lucy Haynes

    Scott Haynes

    Robin Heller

    Thelma Hoffman

    Corrine Hollar

    Stephen Hut

    Perrin Ireland and Thomas Ramey

    Ruth Jaen-Figueroa

    Vadaire James

    Augustus Jones

    Joi Jones

    Roy Jones

    Rebecca Kahn

    Tom Karr

    Remy Kaufmann

    John Knudsen

    Katherine Linehan

    Christa Leimbach

    Griselda Macias

    Joan and James Malkin

    Stephanie Mansfield

    Mollie Maresco

    John Marsh

    Elizabeth Marshall

    Deborah Marx

    Marion Marx

    Brendon Mason

    Clenton McArthur

    Kathryn McBride

    Lark McCarthy

    Nicole McCauley

    Patrick McGettigan

    Paula Millian

    Mission Focused Consulting

    Maggie Murphy

    Jesseca Myers

    Vandana Narang

    Adele Navarrete

    Louise Novotny

    Poorna Phaltankar

    Taylor Phares

    Caren Plummer

    Mary Beth Ray

    Kally Recinos

    Duane Reid

    Steven Reilly

    Charles Rice

    Dana Richter

    Karen and Bob Roach

    Marta Roberts

    Natasha Rodriguez

    Silvana Rueda

    Peter Ryan

    Betty Sams

    Halek Sanchez

    Ellie and Gotz Schreiber

    Camila Serpas

    Cecilia Shang

    Pat and Bob Shapiro

    Montesida Shorte

    Stephanie Sprow and Stefan Kershow

    Ryan Stevens

    Nic Turza

    Douglas Wetzel

    Julia White

    Lena Witek

    Tom Wood

    Patricia Wynn and John Perazich

    Mandy and Stephen Young