New Futures stands with black lives. today and every day.

Beloved New Futures Family,

Yet again, we are bearing witness to the murder of unarmed Black people at the hands of police. We are increasingly struck by the lack of local and national leadership on this critical and pervasive issue of Black oppression and abuse. Cries for justice in the form of protests and demonstrations not only go unanswered, but are responded to with violence. Our city burns with the pain of generations of inequities met with inaction.

In the face of this, at New Futures we affirm unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.

New Futures exists because of the deep inequities caused by structural racism upon which America was founded. Systemic oppression has been entrenched in crucial systems we need to live our fullest lives including education, employment, income and wealth, healthcare, and housing. If every person of color in our region had the resources and supports of their white peers, we could close our doors. Dismantling the inequities in educational opportunities so that students of color can attain rewarding careers and live full lives is why we were founded more than twenty years ago.  Twenty years later, we are still here fighting the injustice that hits so many Black communities with a deep commitment to our Scholars and to our mission.

There are no shortcuts or easy answers in undoing the racist systems and structures that harm Black and Brown people in every way imaginable. But that cannot be a reason for inaction. We are asking ourselves hard questions and are committed to solutions. What roles are we playing in upholding white supremacy? What more do we need to do to fulfill our commitment to social justice and racial equity? What other ways do our Scholars and Alumni need support to gain the opportunity, choice, and voice that enables them to realize their powerful dreams? How do we ensure that the weight of this work is carried by all of us, including and especially white people? How can we do our part – in our own sphere of influence – to see fewer Black lives and legacies stripped away by senseless police violence and abuses of power?

At New Futures, we stand with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others whose lives were taken far too soon.  We stand alongside our Scholars, Alumni, and Partners in what must be a daily fight for justice and equity. We stand today and we will stand tomorrow.

In solidarity and love,

The New Futures Team