Kendra Grinnage

Position: Kennedy & Company

Kendra Grinnage is a Manager at Kennedy & Company, a boutique higher education strategy consulting firm where she assists institutions in a variety of areas including online education strategy, student experience redesign, and the evaluation and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Before transitioning to consulting, she spent her career working in K-12 education working in both college counseling and admissions at independent schools in both Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD. Additionally, Kendra has experience working in student residential life and student financial aid counseling. She is interested in higher education finance policy and helped conduct research on a number of state outcomes-based funding models through her work at Research for Action in Philadelphia. Kendra holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia in History and African American Studies and a MSEd. in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Most of Kendra’s master’s research focused on increasing equity and access for underrepresented students as highlighted in the chapter she co-wrote entitled “K-12/MSI Partnership Programs as a Means to Improve College Readiness: A Texas Case Study” in the anthology Educational Challenges at Minority Serving Institutions.

My superpower is...

It’s a little rusty now, but I once had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Titanic. I was obsessed as a kid and used to be able to give a play by play of the evening the ship sank.