Brittany Okafor

Alumni Committee Member

New Futures awarded me a scholarship when I graduated high school in 2008. However, I took a gap year to serve in AmeriCorps and began to utilize my scholarship in 2009 when I started college at Old Dominion University. I transferred to Temple University, Sophomore year, and was awarded the scholarship all four years of my undergraduate career. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Science in Secondary Education and Social Studies and couldn’t have accomplished my goal without New Futures!

I am currently serving young people of Wards 7 and 8, working as a Special Educator at a charter school. I’m wrapping up my fifth-year teaching middle school students! Educating is still my passion and I still get excited to see my children every day. Every day, quarter, and year, I find a new way to reach them . . .they keep me on my toes! My favorite part of teaching is laughing with my students and helping them understand the root causes of the problems they face as underserved people. My most recent proud “teacher moment” was when my students presented their personal memoirs at Busboys and Poets. I live for moments when my students can be deeply reflective, accountable, and given once in a lifetime opportunities. They felt empowered and showed how resilient they are, through their writing, to their families and the public. A quote that I use to describe their impact on my life is, “I am because of them.”

Ask me about...

Protecting your energy.

My superpower is...

Bonding with middle school students.