Jarel Dorsey

Assistant Director of People, Culture, and Operations

Email:  jarel@newfuturesdc.org

As a newly created position, Jarel serves as New Futures’ Assistant Director of People, Culture, & Operations. Jarel is a native born Washingtonian, and was raised and is still a resident of Oxon Hill, MD. A graduate of the University of Maryland – College Park, Jarel majored in Sociology in 2011, which quickly grew his passion for helping people interact and understand each other’s differences. He developed a love for human resources management, and completed a Master’s Degree at Kaplan University in 2015. Jarel has been a Chief People Officer for nearly 10 years. During this time, Jarel has focused his career on organizational strategy and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Being from a lower socio-economic community, Jarel understands the importance of education & opportunity, and the role it plays in our upcoming generations. He is eager to play a role in work that propels the success of youth that may not have otherwise had that chance. Jarel is a former college gymnast, knows American Sign Language fluently, and designates himself a Karaoke King. In his spare time you can find him sipping a cocktail and spoiling his all white female 11 year old cat Madonna with love and affection.

Ask me about...

Anything or anyone related to gymnastics!

My superpower is...

My exquisite penmanship.