Ramiro Forty

Scholars Program Advisor

Email:  ramiro@newfuturesdc.org

Ramiro, a two-time New Futures scholarship recipient turned Scholar Advisor, holds a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Maryland Global Campus and a minor in Digital Media Production from the College of Southern Maryland. Returning to New Futures, he aims to channel the same nurturing and supportive energy he received as a Scholar to the next generation of students. Ramiro’s journey stands as a testament to the profound impact of mentorship and educational support in shaping the trajectory of young lives.

Eager to contribute further, Ramiro aspires to leverage his expertise in youth work, professional development, and communication studies to uplift and expand New Futures’ mission, leaving a memorable and positive impression on New Futures Scholars.

Ask me about...

my experiences navigating the New Futures program, my educational journey, and my passion for youth work and communication studies.

My superpower is...

inspiring and supporting others, drawing from my personal journey to guide them towards success.